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Town Planning
We believe in beauty, sustainability, and healthy economies. Planning work helps cities and towns accomplish this. Planning is not about implementing an agenda. It’s about listening to the needs of a town and turning vision into reality.
Great planning and great cities hang on the framework of thoughtful zoning. Because building decisions can last for lifetimes, deliberate, creative, and sustainable zoning is critical to the health of our towns.
Development Negotiation
Developers often play a critical role in the growth of a town. But that should never be at the expense of a town’s values and ideals. When developers and towns work together with efficiency and respect, a better future is ahead.
Economic & Market Studies
Research. It confirms the validity of existing ideas and opens up the doors to new creative solutions. Market evaluation gives a snapshot of current realities and fiscal impact studies can give pictures of a multitude of potential futures.
Expert Testimony
We hope that everyone you would ever call to testify would be of utmost integrity. Real expertise is shown in ability to make the complex be understandable and useful for an adjudicating body.
” Jakubiak takes the time to listen and to engage and to find the areas where mutual interests can be advanced, which is the critical zone for success in the real work of urban planning. “- Caroline Moore
CEO, Ekistics, LLC
Baltimore, MD
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