It’s about the vision YOU create.

When cities and towns partner with us they see the following:

1. Continued engagement until the plan or ordinance is adopted. We remain available and engaged with the project until the plan is adopted. We are your planner in-residence.

2. Maximum community engagement. We immerse ourselves in our client communities; arriving downtown with the supply delivery trucks and spending real quality time with the stakeholders in the project. Planning commission meetings and public workshops get us half way there — the long evenings on the phone, the early morning breakfasts, the discussions on the sidewalk or on the city dock — that’s where you learn about a place and build the foundation for a plan that will be accomplished.

3. Effective negotiation among competing or conflicting interests. In any community, growth and development plans can be contentious. We work hard to find the space where competing interests overlap. We create the room where spirited decision making can take place.

4. Flexibility and humility. We recognize that our clients’ interests and concerns are the priority and we work to uncover them. We feel a project is done well when citizens come to see their own city and town in a new light. We design plans for the community you are and wish to become.

5. Commitment to the doable. We design actionable plans. We always work to lay the foundation for immediate success during the planning process. We know that big plans and major changes require evidence that smaller things can be accomplished — for example, when we do master plans, we spend considerable time getting buy-in and commitments from key property owners. Our Development Concept Negotiating (DCN) approach – results in physical master plans that are teed up for implementation with private and public support. This takes skill and time and we invest both on behalf of our clients.

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The Comprehensive Plan that Jakubiak Town + City Planning prepared for us has to be one of the most thoughtful and well-documented municipal plans ever prepared.
James L. Parent, Ed. D, Chairman of the Planning Commission Chesapeake Beach, Maryland