Moving projects forward with consensus.

With a special focus on downtown redevelopment and infill, we help developers create the ideas and the transformative projects that win support at the local level. We know that staff planners, community leaders, and developers can sometimes speak past each other (to put it mildly). With the goal of optimizing the outcome for the community, the Jakubiak team bridges these gaps and creates the space for shared interests to advance. We know how zoning and other regulations are and should be applied, and we know how they can be amended to bring about the quality projects that fit well into our cities and towns. Specialized know-how and a seasoned skill in development negotiation means we deliver win-win opportunities.
Developers interested in advancing the well-being of their communities excel with Jakubiak. The nature of our work requires a commitment to listening and responding intelligently to how people understand new projects and the changes they represent. Along with cities and towns, developers are the principal players in implementing community plans. The synergies we create add value. We know the power of original thinking. We love it when developers see what is possible when they couldn’t see it before. We then prove the merits of our clients’ ideas with sound market studies. New buildings rise and there is new downtown economic vitality when property owners and developers follow through on the opportunities we assist with. Original thinking is as serious and systematic as it is free wheeling and imaginative. It is essential.
Town Planning Services
Market studies
Pro-forma testing
Original thinking and strategizing
Entitlement work
Consultation with review staff
Chris Jakubiak has a remarkable gift for finding the common ground between the public and private sectors especially in the area of downtown redevelopment and infill. I have seen him work to open eyes to real and viable possibilities for downtown infill and that type of original thinking is not easy to come by.
Rob Scranton, President, CBI Development, LLC