Jakubiak extends the capacity of your team.

We dedicate ourselves to the success our partners. Our only success is when you and your client are also successful. Jakubiak has experience working in many partnership roles. We have worked completely behind the scenes in support, and we’ve also been out front, helping to lead projects. Our goal is always the same: to positively impact the outcome of the project. One of our key support services is helping design professionals understand the implications of zoning rules and development policy for their projects.
Shaping the built environment for generations to come often requires changes in zoning codes and development practices and procedures. This is an area where we can bring tremendous value as a partner. Our other partnership focus is in leading complex, multi-disciplinary teams on master plans and comprehensive development plans for towns and cities.
Town Planning Services
Zoning analysis
Land use studies
Projection of future land needs by use types
Strategic zoning amendments
Market demand assessments for development scenario testing
Public engagement
Economic research
We first collaborated with Jakubiak Town + City Planning during the aftermath of the 2002 tornado that ravaged the downtown of La Plata, Maryland. In the subsequent year, we worked with Chris and his team during Emergency Urban Design Workshops to establish a walkable community design vision and plan an economically viable redevelopment approach for the reconstruction effort. During the recent ten year anniversary event, we joined the Mayor Emeritus and Maryland Delegation of the General Assembly in a celebratory walk of this realized vision through the town’s economically vibrant core.
Todd Ray, AIA LEED-AP - Principal, Studio-27 Architecture