It’s not winning if it’s not a win for everyone.

Our clients choose to negotiate at key moments in the planning and development process when they realize that they can best advance their interests through principled negotiation. We take our clients through a deliberative process of uncovering and prioritizing their interests and securing the benefits of structured agreements.
We provide advisory and negotiation services for:
Annexation agreements
Development rights and responsibilities agreements
Easement agreements
Concession agreements
Land disposition agreements
Town Planning Services
Negotiating agreements
Concept planning and design
Writing annexation agreements
Fiscal impact studies
Annexation agreements
Jakubiak has negotiated annexation agreements on behalf of the Mayor and City Council which has provided clarity and predictability to the growth the City has seen on its municipal edge. These negotiated agreement annexations have secured commitments from developers to higher energy and environmental standards and to supporting affordable housing, among other goals.
John Pick, City Administrator, City of Salisbury