Insights to guide planning and development decision making.

The planning you do for your town will have both immediate impact and impact for generations. It’s helpful to know the weight and effects of your planning decisions.The test of market viability is essential to development decisions and, therefore, fundamental to a quality master plan. We dig deep in our analysis of market potential especially for redevelopment projects and downtown / infill development. Understanding how much floor area (i.e. new building space), by commercial type, a community can support is the basis for sound public and private decision making. We provide two types of economic market studies: market evaluation and fiscal impact.
Market evaluations provide an inventory of existing development, projections of demand for new space, especially specialty retail and restaurant space and reasonable estimates for the absorption of new space. The results of our work have been crucial for both public and private development decision making.Fiscal impact evaluations project both the revenues (primarily the real property tax) and costs (by budget line item or by service category) related to new development. This information has been crucial for go or no-go decision-making for cities considering annexing new territory. The results inform the negotiations we conduct as we work to ensure the best annexation and development agreements for our clients.
Town Planning Services
Demand projections for retail, food and beverage, restaurant, office sectors by type, and residential areas
Absorptions projections by land use
Fiscal impact evaluations
Impact fee evaluations
Chris Jakubiak has a remarkable gift for finding the common ground between the public and private sectors especially in the area of downtown redevelopment and infill. I have seen him work to open eyes to real and viable possibilities for downtown infill and that type of original thinking is not easy to come by.
Rob Scranton, President, CBI Development, LLC