Zoning is design.

Zoning work starts by studying our clients’ unique communities. We take nothing for granted. Actual measurements matter to ensure that dimension requirements in the zoning code are designed to bring about intended results. Zoning is central to urban planning. It is not distinct or separate from it. Zoning sets the standards by which communities govern the quality of their development.
Fairness, due process, transparency, and professionalism need to find their way into zoning codes. Tested and still creative processes are essential and must be customized to the specific design and development vision of our clients.
Zoning Services Include:
Form-based standards
Streamlining of process and procedures
Providing transparency and predictability
Historic district standards
Waterfront development
Maryland Critical Area standards
Illustrating the effects of alternative zoning standards
Subdivision ordinances and street design standards
Zoning administration
Jakubiak Town + City Planning have played a vital role in the city planning of Cambridge, from the award winning “City of Cambridge Comprehensive Plan” to the update and modernization of our zoning codes. Chris’ thoughtful and persistent approach in engaging with our Planning Commission and the public has made it possible for Cambridge to embrace positive and fundamental changes in how and where we grow and develop.
Anne Roane, City Planner, City of Cambridge