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Shaping and guiding the physical growth of the town to meet the social, cultural, economic and recreational needs of the public is one of the keys to maximizing the engagement of your community.


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Town Planning

Our services are key to municipal decision-making about the direction and pace of urban development. This often starts with detailed growth scenario analyses. We prepare master plans for smaller areas, such as the Downtown City Dock of Annapolis, where the focus is on redevelopment, public open space, and urban design. We are also skilled at conducting thoughtful zoning and land use analyses, and at translating findings into workable strategies and regulations for municipal development and conservation. We advise local officials on zoning issues, development review, and town planning administration.


Our firm’s zoning work starts by studying each client’s unique community. Actual measurements ensure that dimension requirements in the zoning code are designed to achieve the intended results. Fairness, due process, transparency, and professionalism also need to find their way into zoning codes. Tested and still creative processes are essential and must be customized to the specific design and development vision of our clients.

Development Negotiation

Our clients choose to negotiate at key moments in the planning and development process when they realize they can best advance their interests through principled negotiation. We will take you through a deliberative process of uncovering and prioritizing your interests and securing the benefits of structured agreements.

Economic and Market Studies

The planning you do for your community will have both immediate impact and impact for generations. It’s helpful to know the weight and effects of your planning decisions. The test of market viability is essential to development decisions and, therefore, fundamental to a quality master plan. We dig deep in our analysis of market potential especially for redevelopment projects and downtown / infill development. We provide two types of economic market studies: market evaluation and fiscal impact.

Expert Testimony

Effective expert witnesses must be able to prove their expertise. With more than 20 years in professional practice, deep understanding of municipal zoning (especially in Maryland), and years of experience with official zoning administration, Chris Jakubiak can be a valuable resource for your case.

Few Of Our Clients

Chris Jakubiak has a remarkable gift for finding the common ground between the public and private sectors especially in the area of downtown redevelopment and infill. I have seen him work to open eyes to real and viable possibilities for downtown infill and that type of original thinking is not easy to come by.Rob Scranton
Jakubiak has negotiated annexation agreements on behalf of the Mayor and City Council which has provided clarity and predictability to the growth the City has seen on its municipal edge. These negotiated agreement annexations have secured commitments from developers to higher energy and environmental standards and to supporting affordable housing, among other goals.John Pick
Jakubiak Town + City Planning have played a vital role in the city planning of Cambridge, from the award winning “City of Cambridge Comprehensive Plan” to the update and modernization of our zoning codes. Chris’ thoughtful and persistent approach in engaging with our Planning Commission and the public has made it possible for Cambridge to embrace positive and fundamental changes in how and where we grow and develop.Anne Roane
Chris Jakubiak recognized the difficulty that others had in understanding an essential city redevelopment concept and its relational value to the preservation and protection of a unique culture. He was able to handle stress and criticism with calmness and intelligence and wrote a brilliant Master Plan.Carol Nethen West
Jakubiak takes the time to listen and to engage and to find the areas where mutual interests can be advanced, which is the critical zone for success in the real work of urban planning. Caroline Moore

Christopher Jakubiak, AICP


As president of Jakubiak Town + City Planning, Chris Jakubiak consults with municipalities seeking expertise in community planning and zoning. His skills range from conducting comprehensive planning, zoning, land use analyses . . .  to working with cities to translate findings and concepts into workable strategies and regulations for development. Chris has been retained as an expert in multiple land use and zoning cases before boards of zoning appeals and hearing examiners. He has also provided zoning administration services to Maryland communities for two decades.


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