Town Planning Services

Transformation happens through strong planning and leadership.

Jakubiak + Associates, Inc., consults with municipalities seeking expertise in town planning, zoning, and community development. Towns and cities often contact us when they recognize that the path they are on is not sustainable and a course correction is required.

Our services are key to municipal decision-making about the direction and pace of urban development. This often starts with detailed growth scenario analyses. We prepare master plans for smaller areas, such as the Downtown City Dock of Annapolis, where the focus is on redevelopment, public open space, and urban design.

We are also skilled at conducting thoughtful zoning and land use analyses, and at translating findings into workable strategies and regulations for municipal development and conservation. We advise local officials on zoning issues, development review, and town planning administration.

Because our services help guide community development, we place great emphasis on applied research, communication, and consensus-building.

These are just some of the means we use. The ends are whatever you envision them to be. We help clarify and implement your vision for your town or city planning.

Town Planning Services

  • Comprehensive Plans Master
  • Plans and Small-Area Plans
  • Annexation Studies
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Capacity Allocation Plans
  • Maryland Critical Area Standards
  • Public Engagement
Chris Jakubiak recognized the difficulty that others had in understanding an essential city redevelopment concept and its relational value to the preservation and protection of a unique culture. He was able to handle stress and criticism with calmness and intelligence and wrote a brilliant Master Plan.Carol Nethen West

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