Plan Your Town


The Importance of Planning

  • Good planning preserves and protects our history, regenerates declining communities, and creates new environments for citizens to enjoy and engage in.
  • Good plans can be used as a starting point for discussions amongst agencies with different mandates and interests.
  • The final plan reflects agreements and decisions from these discussions between the different agencies to support the solutions to use the land and infrastructures in the best possible ways.


The Beauty of Sustainability

  • Effective urban planning can reduce congestion, and takes into account other important environmental considerations. Sustainable planning looks beyond function and efficiency and creates a foundation of livable and attractive communities.
  • Cities and Towns both influence and are impacted by climate change. Strategies and practices that ensure livable, self-sustaining communities are necessary to offer a better quality of life.

Building your Community

  • Planning creates a vision that supports the community’s goals.
  • Walkable neighborhoods allow for community-friendly transportation options vs communities that keep people apart and force the use of vehicles.
  • Communities built with public spaces in mind bring people together and encourage interaction and a sense of community.


How to Get Involved

  • Participate in the planning process to learn more about your community and contribute your ideas through focus groups, meetings and advisory groups.
  • Serve on your local planning commission to support goals, generate ideas and be a part of the decision making process.
  • Volunteer and help create new initiatives to support your community goals.
  • Contact your city or town directly to learn more by visiting their website.

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