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Towns and Cities

Jakubiak supports towns and cities in their sustainable development goals. Our mission is to bring about a difference; working with us to create actionable plans helps to make the most out of municipal budgets by balancing demands for growth with efficiency and sustainability.

Consulting Teams

We dedicate ourselves to the success of our partners. Our only success is when you and your client are also successful. Jakubiak has experience collaborating in many roles. We have worked completely behind the scenes in support, and we’ve also been out front, helping to lead projects. Our goal is to positively impact the outcome of the project.


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Applicants | Petitioners | Appellants

From time to time conflicts arise between those seeking development approvals and those opposed to them. Planning and zoning law and procedures provide for due process–that is, fairness in decision making. Christopher Jakubiak, AICP is frequently retained as an expert witness in zoning hearings and whether he’s hired by the applicants or protestants he provides decision-makers with objective and thoughtful analyses and professional opinions based on a career’s worth of practical experience.

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